Friday, October 23, 2009

Today is my flex day, except I have to go in for a couple of hours. It's ok though, it'll give me time to catch up on a few things. Also, I need to 1. mail out pet insurance claim forms 2. mail out our medical flex $ claim forms, 3. mail out the day care forms. Also, if I don't return my old phone today, they get to charge me 75 buckaroos...I'm not gonna let that happen.

The Dr. is in New Orleans on a business trip. He'll be back today. So today's all about U, A and me spending the day together. Well, relatively speaking, coz' A. being a dog, wants to sleep during the day and he looks upon my being here as an intrusion. Hmph....well....

I think I will go to the temple today. It's been a while. It's so easy to make lofty goals for yourself, I will be more spiritual, I will exercise more, I will make all the baby food on my own etc etc. But it's a different matter to come through on those promises.

The house is a mess since we haven't cleaned it since our horrible trip to Vegas. I hated that trip, thinking about it makes me feel yucky. But it's all good now, all of us seem to be recovering well. The question of the day is "to flu shoot or not to flu shoot". I'm not a believer in flu shots to begin with, and then they tell me that the H1nI nasal spray which does not contain the mercury is not available for children under the age of 2. I don't know.


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