Sunday, October 25, 2009

this weekend has been weird. on the one hand I didn't do as much as I've been meaning, but on the other hand, I feel stressed all the time. My mind's racing a 100 miles an hour and it feels like if I don't keep on top of things, everything will explode and come crashing down.
I decided against the flu shots, she's just way too young. I talked to the day care provider, she seems to agree with me. But again, she's Indian and nobody Indian I've spoken to, believes in vaccinations period. So that's that. The Dr. asked me to decide, so I made the final call. Anyways, the line for swine flu vaccines yesterday at the county center was 12,000 long!!!

The rest of the day went by so fast, I don't know what happened. We decided to go to the temple and we were arguing as we stepped out and therefore forgot the diaper bag. Needless to say, U started crying within like 10 minutes of our leaving and she cried all the way there. We left in 10 minutes, and then she cried all the way back. Serves us right for being idiots, but poor baby, she was hungry for longer than she's ever been!!! When we got back, she drank 6oz of formula and THEN had her dinner (rice cereal and sweet potato). The girl does love her sweet potato. Then she played for a bit while we argued (i know, it was that kind of day) whether we should go out to dinner or not. Finally, we didn't go, U and the hubby went to sleep, while I watched the Florida game (intermittently with some creepy movie on LMN).

Today's meals:
22 oz formula, 1 stage 1 applesauce, 1 stage 1 squash, and 1 stage 2 rice cereal+ sweet potato mic. Plus, she tried glucose biscuits today and loved it!!!! I think I"ve got myself a true mallu girl, she loves rice, banana, and now glucose biscuits!!! HAHA


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