Monday, October 26, 2009

So last night was good. The Yankees won the series and the baby was happy. The house is relatively clean. And I know A is feeling better because he ran up to bed with the baby's toy cow perched in his mouth.
U woke up at 2:45 AM hungry, then she woke up again at 6:00 hungry. I think she needs some more food at night. I'm going to try and add some cereal to her bottle at night.
So today I NEED to run to Macy's and get me a suit to wear on Wednesday. It sucks that I can no longer fit into any of my regular clothes, hopefully soon. My deadline is February (baby's 1 yr birthday). Also, call me stupid (ok don't), I ordered a Halston suit in a size 4. I know I shouldn't have but it was the only size they had left and I'm determined to get back in to a size 4, instead of a size 8/10.

My mother-in-law is coming into town on Wednesday. Don't have concrete plans yet but I think we'll head to the petting zoo, and then if it's not too cold on Halloween night, we'll go out. I've ordered a monkey costume for U, it should be coming in this week.


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