Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween baby girl!!! Today's her first halloween and we have a cute monkey outfit for her to wear to welcome all the little kids who come by for candy.

My mother-in-law is visiting and I'm having a great time. She's been helping so much that both the dr. and I have been able to breathe a little. And we were able to keep U home from day care, so she can spend time with grandma. Another upside: she's recovering from her cold. She still has a little cough but it's better.

Work has been crazy this week. Crazy in that there was lots of work but I feel like I don't have enough responsibility yet. I'm planning to talk to my boss about it, he's great, so he should be able to help me out and assign me more work...did I just say that, that I needed more work, I must be crazy. But I have been availing of the gym policy and I"m happy to say I've made my goal for this month. I lost 4 lbs!!! Now only another 23 to go, and I'll be at my pre-pregnancy weight. As if 23 is just another walk in the park!!!!

Things with the Dr. are getting better. Seriously, we were biting each other's head off these past few months, what with running around with work, daycare, looking after baby, looking after dog baby, and trying to squeeze in exercise. But things are getting better, slowly, but surely.


Today was good. We went to the petting zoo where baby got bitten AGAIN by an over exuberant goat. Can you believe it!!??? She's fine. We dressed her in her little outfit and put the doggie in his policeman outfit, and all was good.
After the petting zoo, we went to Silver Diner where I had the shrimp platter and some bread pudding. It was yummy!!!


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