Monday, November 16, 2009

another week another adventure

Happy Monday!!! As I sit her sipping my coffee and listening to music, I ponder about last week and it was actually...pretty good. Knock on wood (does that apply to the past?) Anywho....yesterday my old friends from Gainesville, Brian, Jensen and their little one Naomi visited us. It was a fun time. The babies played together, as in the same room, and it was cute to watch. U had a fantabulous time and she was just tuckered out. She went to bed at 6:00, then woke up at 9:00, ate her dinner and proceeded to stay awake till midnight!!!!!!!!

I have training all this week, which means it should be pretty easy going. I've also gotten approval to do this language training for a week so as to prepare for my test. I'm very excited about this because if I pass this, I get more pay; and I get certified for another 3 years!!

I watched the next iron chef last night and I have to say, I'm pretty excited that the Indian dude has made it all this way even though he's a dork. Even more exciting, Project Runway, the finale is on this week. I can't wait. I do NOT want Irina to win, she's the most arrogant person ever. Even though Carol Hannah is sorta goofy, she makes great clothes, so she's the one I support. we'll see...

Last night, I made this fish dish, which tastes AMAZING though I say so myself. It was easy to make too. The recipe (found online) called it zanzibar meenu (which means Zanzibar fish). Basically you poach the fish with a bunch of spices, reserve the liquid, and cook it down with rice flour and coconut milk. I think I'll start adding recipes from now on, so I can remember how I made certain things.

We had a flooding situation at work last week as a result of which I had to move to another office. Hopefully that's gotten resolved, but will keep you posted. I also have to remember to be a little less outspoken and/or raunchy at work. After all, it's work!!!!


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