Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Good morning, it's my flex day today, so I will be home cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning. I hate cleaning. If I had the option to eliminate one chore from my life, this would be it. The constant cleaning. Anywho....U has learned something new...saying no. She's constantly saying '". I'm sure she learned it from me, from when I'm telling her or the dog no :-) Why am I even surprised. The past weeks have been funny and scary at the same time. She had an ear infection in one ear and one day ran a fever of 101. I got so scared. It's moments like this that one realizes that good fortune can be so fleeting and that you need to treasure every minute. I was so overwhelmed with thoughts about the flu that I couldn't sleep at night. But thank God, it was an ear infection. She's now almost 20 lbs and a teeny bit longer than 27 inches.
The Dr. came home and told me that his boss's daughter who's THREE months younger than U is now 20lbs!!! Since I heard that I've been on a secret campaign to fatten her up. But she's not biting (haha, pun unintended). But overall, it's been good, she's been playing and laughing and having a lot of fun. It snowed one day and we took her out and took pics of her in her first snow. Pic below. She looked so cute!!!


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