Wednesday, December 30, 2009

pleasures of pain (killers)

So to continue from my last post which ended abruptly coz' I had to do something, my last few weeks were pretty busy. After thanksgiving, I went to London for a few days, and it was actually a good break for me. Once I got back, and realized that U hadn't forgotten me, I felt much better. She had had a slight fever when I called the day before I was scheduled to return and I was a little scared. The pediatrician said it was teething, but I panicked anyways. She's all happy now, and becoming quite a brat. She's got the most amazing smile, which she doesn't hesitate to use even when she's being bad. Speaking of being bad, her new favorite activity is to play with the recycling bin and take the gallon containers and jars out and toss them on the floor. Sigh!!! Don't call CPS but she got a rap on her wrist when she pulled a gladd jar out yesterday because she just can't be doing that. Of course, when the child proofing people come next week, they'll probably tell us to move the container, duh!!!

So Christmas was a blast. We drove to Long Island and wonders of wonder, there was no traffic and everything was smooth. We chose to drive at night so the baby was asleep for most of it. My cousin S is here and she's a great help with the baby, so all in all the trip was a breeze. Once there, S and I managed to get to the city on the 26th and hit Saks on 26th aka sale day. It was fabulous. I"m off to take another nap. I have what dentists call dry socket. My tooth was extracted on Monday and apparently the hole left behind is not clotting as it should. So it causes immense pain and "dry socket". I"m currently on Percocet which doesn't agree with me, yesterday my boss had to drive me home. O, I'm feeling sick, so signing off.


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