Sunday, March 21, 2010

hello from TX

So it's almost April and time is just flying by. We had a lot of things going on last month, i don't know whether I'm coming or going. Right now I'm cooling my heels in a hotel in Texas, so I have time to breathe, write a blog post, watch some all feels so decadent.
U is doing well. She's got like 7 teeth in already they look too cute. She's also become even brattier than before. She harasses the doggie like you wouldn't believe and he's just not taking it anymore. So we get to hear a lot of whining, barking, growling and the like. The Dr is doing well, still happy with his job, and life in general. We got another garden plot this year so now we have two. We shall probably be able to grow enough vegetables to last us all year.
Parents are doing well. Everytime they make noises of going back to India for a few months, I come up with a new excuse. Seriously, what's there to do in India? here they have me, the baby...actually...the baby and I have them:-)
So I wanted to write a post about people and perceptions. I'm trying to develop a more cool, less volatile personality. It feels like people perceive you for how you are on the outside and not for the work you do, or how you are on the inside. For example, one of my co-workers made a comment (as a joke) that my partner would do all the work while I cracked jokes and insulted people. Although this was funny and everybody laughed, I don't want anybody to have the opinion that this is how I am. Sure I make jokes, that's part of me. But I don't want the jokes to get in the way of people's perceptions. I know this sounds confusing, but it's sorted out in my head, so that's what matters.


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