Sunday, May 2, 2010

This winter has been so long, so protracted that I have difficulty believing it's over. Maybe this is a facade? Just a couple of days ago, the night temperatures dipped to freezing..freezing!! in late April?

Life here has been good in the U/A/Dr./me household. Now that my parents are living with us, life has fallen into a comfortable pattern. U goes to daycare once a week, and my mom does most of the cooking and household stuff. I know I know, before people start labeling me a "parent abuser", I know I have it good. I cannot and will not think of August when she starts her travel with my dad, for FOUR MONTHS!!! I don't know what I'm going to do. Now that my parents are here the Dr and I can have our own time to work out, run errands, whatever. I guess that'll be on hold for a while. Also, since my parents and I are very close, it's awesome to have them around.

In other news, U is now running everywhere. She's also climbing the stairs, climbing on top of furniture, basically climbing. She's a climber. Yesterday she scared me when I found a piece of glass in her mouth. It was from a plate that had broken way back in january and even though the kitchen has been swept many many times since then, she found it. Anyways, she seems to be fine, so I'm hopeful she hasn't swallowed even a tiny bit.

Today we're going to lunch at a friend's house. She has a 2.3 year old daughter and she gives me all her stuff. It's a LOT of stuff!!! I'm so grateful, I have stuff that I might never have bought but now that I have it, makes our lives so much easier and more beautiful. Thank you.

I need to blog more than once a month, else we miss out on so much stuff. I had a business trip to Miami a few days ago and U and my mom came along and stayed with my sister-in-law. A good time was had by all. Here's a picture.

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