Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fall anyone?

I'd decided I was going to do one blog a month, sort of like a chronicle of U's progress through babyhood. But of course, the best laid plans......
It's been a busy busy several months. From where I left off in June, I've had cousins stay over for several weeks in June/July. That was a fun fun time. I barely made appearances at work (well, physically I did, but mentally, I was so outta there - couldn't wait until 5:0, so I could go home). Baby U LOVED it when the house was full of people. She is quite adept now at bringing us her shoes, and saying quite loudly, "SHOES", as in, get your lazy butt off the couch, help me into these shoes and let's go out!"

She speaking quite a lot of words now, a mixture of my language and English. The pediatrician is very enthusiastic about her learning both languages. He did warn us that if she kept speaking at the rate at which she's picking up words, she might stutter, but not to worry about it. Something about brain being too fast for muscles. Now seriously!! Which doctor warns an anxious parent about POTENTIAL stuttering. Why you you do that, why?

She's currently with my parents in India, spending time with the cousins and attending a wedding. I'm joining her in a bit and will bring her back. Of course, according to some of my friends, this is akin to not just bad mothering, but the WORST mothering!! "how can you let your kid go away like that", "I can't do it, I need to see my kids" etc is what I've heard from "well wishers". But I've also heard, "wow, you're so lucky to have this kind of support". To tell you the truth, I'm divided. The Dr. misses the baby terribly and feels like he had no choice really considering my extensive travel schedule for this month. Either way, I hope we did the right thing. It's only a month, and my goals for her were to spend time with the fam, learn the language and have fun. And from all reports, boy, is she having fun. I believe she's having enough fun to merit her a smacking or two when she gets back:-) For example, shrieking when she doesn't get her way:-) HHAHHA..I miss her.


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