Saturday, December 11, 2010

keeping my head above water

It's been a long time, but in my defense, a lot A LOT has happened. We've all traveled halfway across the world, went on vacation, returned from vacation, and I traveled more than 60,000 miles on business. that's lot of miles!!

So we went to India for several weeks, where the baby was spoiled silly by all the relatives and family. The Dr. and I had a good time, did some shopping, ate some good food. We got back and settled down into a comfortable routine...that was before...before what you ask...well, I have this mandatory certification that I need to do and I had been on the waiting list for a year. so when the chance came to sign up for the class, I took it (had no choice actually). Big mistake..this class is like 7 days a week and average of 12 hours a day. So I'm struggling right now to hold my head above water.

SO this is just a placeholder post to remind myself to post a longer more comprehensive post next weekend, when this class gets done.



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