Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Almost Thanksgiving, but not yet

Morning folks: So it's almost thanksgiving, I go to work today with high hopes that we might be released early. My cousin (niece? it's always hard to describe relationships) who's as close to me as a real sister might have been, is visiting from Boston. S is doing graduate school in communications/media, and so far she loves it. Her stories take me back to times. So our plan is to do the black friday thing. Today we head to Kohls for some minor shopping (on things we don't want to spend too much money on), and on Friday, we're planning to get a coat, shoes etc. I don't know how she's going to carry everything back with her.

Life on the homefront is cool. Knock on wood, U hasn't had too many colds in the past couple of weeks. But she definitely shows an aversion to formula. I have to trick her by adding some to her food, an ounce here, an ounce there. She's pulling herself up to a standing position, which is a huge developmental milestone, according to the Internet gods who know.

I have a big test coming up on Tuesday, for which I've been taking classes, 3 hours a day for the last three days. Wish me luck. It's actually pretty subjective which means if I tick off the instructor with some of my homegrown diplomacy, she could end up failing me, whereas if I kiss her behind enough, she could pass me. I hate such tests!! work i go....Happy Thanksgiving y'all.

Monday, November 16, 2009

another week another adventure

Happy Monday!!! As I sit her sipping my coffee and listening to music, I ponder about last week and it was actually...pretty good. Knock on wood (does that apply to the past?) Anywho....yesterday my old friends from Gainesville, Brian, Jensen and their little one Naomi visited us. It was a fun time. The babies played together, as in the same room, and it was cute to watch. U had a fantabulous time and she was just tuckered out. She went to bed at 6:00, then woke up at 9:00, ate her dinner and proceeded to stay awake till midnight!!!!!!!!

I have training all this week, which means it should be pretty easy going. I've also gotten approval to do this language training for a week so as to prepare for my test. I'm very excited about this because if I pass this, I get more pay; and I get certified for another 3 years!!

I watched the next iron chef last night and I have to say, I'm pretty excited that the Indian dude has made it all this way even though he's a dork. Even more exciting, Project Runway, the finale is on this week. I can't wait. I do NOT want Irina to win, she's the most arrogant person ever. Even though Carol Hannah is sorta goofy, she makes great clothes, so she's the one I support. we'll see...

Last night, I made this fish dish, which tastes AMAZING though I say so myself. It was easy to make too. The recipe (found online) called it zanzibar meenu (which means Zanzibar fish). Basically you poach the fish with a bunch of spices, reserve the liquid, and cook it down with rice flour and coconut milk. I think I'll start adding recipes from now on, so I can remember how I made certain things.

We had a flooding situation at work last week as a result of which I had to move to another office. Hopefully that's gotten resolved, but will keep you posted. I also have to remember to be a little less outspoken and/or raunchy at work. After all, it's work!!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

New week

Another week begins. I cannot even begin to understand where the week disappeared to. It's been good though. There's a thaw in the air between the dr and myself. I think that what was happening was that we were both so immersed in the nitty gritty of daily life that we lost sight of the positive. Anyways, we've been talking about it, and I think we're, it's getting better. More on that as the weeks progress. I mean, yesterday I realized that we were fighting about stupid stupid things like who's going to be at home more or who's going to put something away NOW...ha!!! sounds silly doesn't it, it is!!!

U did great this weekend. We'd gone to a party at my cousin's house, in Lorton. The drive was 45 minutes so she started wailing coz' she was sleepy. The girl does not like to be in her car seat, and we figured out it's because of the heat. I know I know it's winter and all, but she feels too warm in it. Anywho, once we got there, she did fine, and got along famously with everybody. In fact, she had a great time!!! Not to mention the spread was fantastic and my cousin had outdone herself. On the way there, we'd made a quick stop at the Durga temple, so all in all, it was a good trip.

My dad's with us now. He drove in on Wednesday and it's been great having him here. He's currently spending all his time watching TV:-)
So this weekend, something interesting happened. The neighbor, an older lady who I get along with just fine, was standing in her driveway in a jacket and slippers when we pulled up after the party. She had apparently called the police on the people in the cul-de-sac who were having a too-loud party. Now I don't blame her because when she went to talk to them last time, they'd sworn at her. But both the Dr. and my dad believed that she was going to extremes. The Dr. even said that she's said the words, "the blacks are having a party". I didn't hear this, and if she did say this, it was racist of her. So anyways, the cops came and busted up the party. I encouraged our neighbor to go inside her house so that the partygoers wouldn't know that it was she who called the cops. If I had anybody reading this blog, or I told anybody I was writing a blog, maybe I could've asked my readers for opinions but since there aren't and I haven't, maybe another time......