Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween baby girl!!! Today's her first halloween and we have a cute monkey outfit for her to wear to welcome all the little kids who come by for candy.

My mother-in-law is visiting and I'm having a great time. She's been helping so much that both the dr. and I have been able to breathe a little. And we were able to keep U home from day care, so she can spend time with grandma. Another upside: she's recovering from her cold. She still has a little cough but it's better.

Work has been crazy this week. Crazy in that there was lots of work but I feel like I don't have enough responsibility yet. I'm planning to talk to my boss about it, he's great, so he should be able to help me out and assign me more work...did I just say that, that I needed more work, I must be crazy. But I have been availing of the gym policy and I"m happy to say I've made my goal for this month. I lost 4 lbs!!! Now only another 23 to go, and I'll be at my pre-pregnancy weight. As if 23 is just another walk in the park!!!!

Things with the Dr. are getting better. Seriously, we were biting each other's head off these past few months, what with running around with work, daycare, looking after baby, looking after dog baby, and trying to squeeze in exercise. But things are getting better, slowly, but surely.


Today was good. We went to the petting zoo where baby got bitten AGAIN by an over exuberant goat. Can you believe it!!??? She's fine. We dressed her in her little outfit and put the doggie in his policeman outfit, and all was good.
After the petting zoo, we went to Silver Diner where I had the shrimp platter and some bread pudding. It was yummy!!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

So last night was good. The Yankees won the series and the baby was happy. The house is relatively clean. And I know A is feeling better because he ran up to bed with the baby's toy cow perched in his mouth.
U woke up at 2:45 AM hungry, then she woke up again at 6:00 hungry. I think she needs some more food at night. I'm going to try and add some cereal to her bottle at night.
So today I NEED to run to Macy's and get me a suit to wear on Wednesday. It sucks that I can no longer fit into any of my regular clothes, hopefully soon. My deadline is February (baby's 1 yr birthday). Also, call me stupid (ok don't), I ordered a Halston suit in a size 4. I know I shouldn't have but it was the only size they had left and I'm determined to get back in to a size 4, instead of a size 8/10.

My mother-in-law is coming into town on Wednesday. Don't have concrete plans yet but I think we'll head to the petting zoo, and then if it's not too cold on Halloween night, we'll go out. I've ordered a monkey costume for U, it should be coming in this week.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

this weekend has been weird. on the one hand I didn't do as much as I've been meaning, but on the other hand, I feel stressed all the time. My mind's racing a 100 miles an hour and it feels like if I don't keep on top of things, everything will explode and come crashing down.
I decided against the flu shots, she's just way too young. I talked to the day care provider, she seems to agree with me. But again, she's Indian and nobody Indian I've spoken to, believes in vaccinations period. So that's that. The Dr. asked me to decide, so I made the final call. Anyways, the line for swine flu vaccines yesterday at the county center was 12,000 long!!!

The rest of the day went by so fast, I don't know what happened. We decided to go to the temple and we were arguing as we stepped out and therefore forgot the diaper bag. Needless to say, U started crying within like 10 minutes of our leaving and she cried all the way there. We left in 10 minutes, and then she cried all the way back. Serves us right for being idiots, but poor baby, she was hungry for longer than she's ever been!!! When we got back, she drank 6oz of formula and THEN had her dinner (rice cereal and sweet potato). The girl does love her sweet potato. Then she played for a bit while we argued (i know, it was that kind of day) whether we should go out to dinner or not. Finally, we didn't go, U and the hubby went to sleep, while I watched the Florida game (intermittently with some creepy movie on LMN).

Today's meals:
22 oz formula, 1 stage 1 applesauce, 1 stage 1 squash, and 1 stage 2 rice cereal+ sweet potato mic. Plus, she tried glucose biscuits today and loved it!!!! I think I"ve got myself a true mallu girl, she loves rice, banana, and now glucose biscuits!!! HAHA

Friday, October 23, 2009

Today is my flex day, except I have to go in for a couple of hours. It's ok though, it'll give me time to catch up on a few things. Also, I need to 1. mail out pet insurance claim forms 2. mail out our medical flex $ claim forms, 3. mail out the day care forms. Also, if I don't return my old phone today, they get to charge me 75 buckaroos...I'm not gonna let that happen.

The Dr. is in New Orleans on a business trip. He'll be back today. So today's all about U, A and me spending the day together. Well, relatively speaking, coz' A. being a dog, wants to sleep during the day and he looks upon my being here as an intrusion. Hmph....well....

I think I will go to the temple today. It's been a while. It's so easy to make lofty goals for yourself, I will be more spiritual, I will exercise more, I will make all the baby food on my own etc etc. But it's a different matter to come through on those promises.

The house is a mess since we haven't cleaned it since our horrible trip to Vegas. I hated that trip, thinking about it makes me feel yucky. But it's all good now, all of us seem to be recovering well. The question of the day is "to flu shoot or not to flu shoot". I'm not a believer in flu shots to begin with, and then they tell me that the H1nI nasal spray which does not contain the mercury is not available for children under the age of 2. I don't know.

A new beginning

SO I just moved over from Wordpress where I'd started up a blog. Having only three posts to my name, I moved my blogworldly possessions over here (see below).

As an intro, this blog is dedicated toward my daughter, who at some point will be able to read these blogs (or the G rated parts anyways) and know how mommy and daddy spent their days and how their world revolved around her even before she was old enough to get into trouble and ask for more money

Las Vegas…sin city..

October 14, 2009 by heresheis

So yesterday, after a whirlwind day, I landed in Las Vegas. Went to work for a couple of hours in the morning, then picked U up from daycare, and finished packing. Then dropped her off again, went to the airport. Dulles security has changed so much with it’s new layout. I like it, but the lines were so long that if I weren’t premier, I wouldn’t have made it. As it was, the plane was boarding as I reached the gate. Flight was smooth, the steward flirted non-stop with this Indian/Pakistani dermatologist who was sitting in front of me. She had this sort of affected English accent, with traces of the subcontinent thrown in. The whole situation was funny. The guy sitting next to me must’ve had at least four glasses of red wine during the trip. I bought a pack of Lays but found it hurt my teeth.

The hotel itself is not too bad. The renovated north tower room at Ballys is definitely not too shabby. View’s not great, but it will suffice.

Every Monday should be a holiday

October 12, 2009 by heresheis

Today (and it’s only 8:11 AM) already feels relaxed. Every Monday should feel this way. I’m off to the dentist at 9:00 for an implant (yuck!!) and then to the gym at 12:45, and to the vet at 7:20 PM. That’s my schedule. Oh, and I need to pack for my trip to Las Vegas. Since the Dr. and U are both going on the trip, I’m responsible for carrying all her stuff: diapers, formula, food, etc etc.

Last night was good. I made a beans kuttan (beans with gravy and spices), and sauteed eggplant. The Dr. liked them. I also pureed the pears we had sitting in the fruit bowl, added a banana to them, and voila!! we have baby food for three meals. I tried it and no wonder she likes these things, they are so sweet!!!!

Talked to my cousin who lives in California….she might be technically a “cousin” but in my mind, she’s my sister. We grew up together, went to school together, played together, and whenever I stayed over at her house, we would sleep on the same bed. Invariably, since I was a little fatty, I would take up majority of the space:-) . So she’s planning to come visit us (I mean U) sometime in January. I can’t wait. After the endless bout of complaining that I did about our last trip to the motherland, I felt much better. Seriously, people kept telling me what to do, where to go…it was all too much.


ok..if I ever spoke too soon, this would be it. Today was the worst day ever. I had a dental appointment, for my implant. While in the midst of the procedure, he tsk tsk ed over my wisdom tooth and pretty much steamrolled me into getting it removed. So after that, I”m on high dosage pain meds, and we go to the pediatrician to take a look at U’s cough. It was just a cold. We also found she’s at 18.5lbs, and 27 inches tall, which is great. Her head circumference is in the 90th%ile, which according to the Dr, is not surprising considering the size of my noggin.

So anyways, all that’s done and I”m trying to pack while trying to play/soothe U who’s all sleepy but doesn’t want to sleep. At 7:00, Dr. takes A the english cocker and my first child to the vet for his second flu shot. When he gets there, he finds that the wound on his face, which I thought was a cut and had been treating with neosporin and hydrogen peroxide, was a ’sebaceous cyst’ which needed to be removed. So it was, and he now has this ridiculous elizabethan collar. By the time everything was done and we went to sleep, it was well past 1:00 AM…..I was exhausted, my face was swollen and I was not in a good mood.

Hello world!

October 11, 2009 by heresheis

Evening, this is my first attempt at blogging. I lurk in and around a lot of blogs, some of which are written by people I know, and some that I’ve stumbled upon. Now that I have a little girl of my own, I figured I’d write about my daily life, so that she can (perhaps, depending on the content) read about her mommy and daddy’s life when she was little

A little about me, I’m 33, living in the DC area. I am married to a wonderful man, he’s 34 and henceforth shall be referred to as the Dr. He is not a real doctor (HA!!!), just has a PhD. I have a daughter, who’s now 7 months old. We’ve been married 5+ years, and it’s been a ride. There’ve been ups and downs, left and rights, but I think, for the most part, life is good.

So today is Sunday. I cleaned the kitchen. Will this endless round of cleaning/laundry never end? I am not a domestic Goddess and never will be. Got to learn to live with that. I think the Dr. has already figured it out:-) Baby (henceforth referred to as U) has been sitting by herself. Quite a milestone.

Monday, October 19, 2009

I just moved over from wordpress, where I'd created a blog a few days ago. Anyways, here are contents of that blog moved over